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The current 24/7 news cycle creates a surplus of content. So much, in fact, that it feels impossible for the average human to keep up. This rang especially true during the 2016 election season, when new details about policies, personal endeavors and late-night Twitter storms dominated the headlines.

For Grant Thornton, this was equally a challenge and an opportunity. During our latest episode of the Killer Content Showcase Series, Amanda Fildes, Marketing Director and Head of Content at Grant Thornton, shared how the organization established its strategy for the “Political Pulse” campaign.

Despite the overwhelming amount of information available, Amanda noted that it was imperative that Grant Thornton established an opinion on the policies discussed over the course of the election. Doing so would help target buyers, business owners and leaders, understand the implications should such policies go into action.

“With any new administration comes new policies, so any business will have to understand those policies, as well as what they need to do to implement and comply with them.”
-Amanda Fildes, Grant Thornton

Innately, the team was hesitant to attach the Grant Thornton brand to political news because it can be such a polarizing topic, Amanda admitted. “It would be crazy to think that it wouldn’t at least cross your mind that attaching yourself to the subject wouldn’t be polarizing or a bit controversial.”

However, it was Grant Thornton’s approach that made the campaign so successful. For one, the brand embraced a variety of different formats, such as webinars, listicles and other forms of scannable, visual content to present their viewpoints. But most importantly, the Grant Thornton team was flexible and empowered to make quick decisions based on content performance, Amanda explained.

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Marketing collaborated with internal subject-matter experts to ensure that the topics they pursued were not only timely, but also most relevant to target buyers. “Given the amount of content and discussion out there, you’re never going to be first,” she noted. “So you have to break it down and make it most relevant to your audience.”

Grant Thornton also implemented a “test and learn” mindset over the course of the campaign, which Amanda pointed to as the key to success. “We wanted to optimize around what was working and stop what wasn’t.”

Want to learn more about how Grant Thornton still applies this “test and learn” technique to ongoing policy coverage? See our discussion below!

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