Jenn Kloc

Senior Marketing Manager, Jellyvision

Jenn Kloc materialized at Jellyvision in the late winter of 2013. Charged with managing a variety of demand generation channels from strategy through execution – including webinars, events, and direct mail – Jenn has flexed her marketing muscles by coaxing tens of thousands of inbound leads into the funnel and converting them into brand fanatics with right-place, right-time, personalized content. Jenn’s channels help drive more than half of Jellyvision’s inbound revenue, a feat she attributes to her keen ability to wield the tools at her disposal for maximum ROI: marketing automation, helpful B2B content, and a vast collection of delightful swag, gifts, and direct mail pieces. Jenn enjoys fancy donuts, tiny pickles, and sales people who say, “Thank you, Jenn, for helping me close that deal!”

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